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Ishikawa Brewery Co. Ltd. endeavors to strictly manage all personal information, including individual names,
addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses voluntarily provided by our customers through their inquiries and order forms.

All personal information collected from our customers shall be used or managed only in respect of services rendered or business conducted by Ishikawa Brewery Co. Ltd.

  • We shall collect no personal information from our customers without first obtaining their consent. Customers voluntarily provide their personal information after having been fully informed of its intended use, such as the improvement of our services or the development of new services for our customers. The personal information collected shall not be used for any purpose other than the aforementioned statement.
  • Our company shall not transfer the personal information of users other than statistically processed results to a third party, except in such cases where users have provided consent.
  • All personal information provided by users shall be properly controlled by a manager designated for that purpose.
  • Ishikawa Brewery may send new information regarding our services when users have voluntarily provided their personal information. In case a user does not wish to receive any mail or e-mail from our company, the user may request that his or her personal information be removed from our list.

Ishikawa Brewery shall refrain from disclosing any personal information collected from our users in the course of business to a third party without the prior consent of the user except in the following cases:

  • In the case that a public agency, such as a government or municipal office, has requested the disclosure of certain persons by right of law.
  • In the case that we at, Ishikawa Brewery Co., Ltd. have concluded that it is necessary to protect our own company rights, or the right, profit, reputation, or trust of our customers.
  • In the case that it is necessary to conduct our business and services in cooperation with an affiliated group company.
    In such a case, we shall require each Group company to properly manage the user's personal information.
  • In the event that we are required to provide personal information to an external contractor for shipping and payment. In such a case, Ishikawa Brewery Co. Ltd. shall not be held responsible for ensuring that said external contractor properly manages the personal information.
  • In the event that the company incurs a loss due to unpaid accounts with a retailer, notwithstanding a legitimate transaction on the part of our company with said retailer.

The Ishikawa Brewery Co. Ltd. website may contain links to other related or non-related sites.
Ishikawa Brewery shall not bear responsibility for the collection and use of personal information on the linked websites. Please contact directly the linked website regarding the handling of personal information.

※ The content of our privacy policy may be modified due to changes in service content or technological developments.