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We craft our selected sake using the abundant, pure, mineral water from a local source and specially selected ingredients.
Please enjoy our special products.

Our craft sakeTAMAJIMAN

From 1863, we have brewed our sake by carrying out our traditional techniques sincerely.

Our craft sake TAMAJIMAN

For our sake products, we labeled it "Tamajiman", which means the‘pride of Tama', as we hope that it will proudly represent this area called Tama. We brew sake from Autumn until the end of March at cool temperatures, as to pursue our traditional ways.


Daiginjo is made with highly polished rice, where at least 50% of the outer layer of the grain has been removed.

  • しずく Daiginjo Shizuku

    Daiginjo Shizuku

    ALC: 17~18% SMV: +5
    Our high-grade sake.
    We mill our selected high qualitied ‘Yamada Nishiki’rice of 65% of the weight.
    Sake mush is dripped from hanged cloth bags and we collect the drops of sake.

  • 純米大吟醸 Junmai Daiginjo

    Junmai Daiginjo

    ALC: 15~16% SMV: +3
    Our high-grade sake. This sake delivers a great blend of refined tastes with both acidity and umami. We mill 65% of the rice's weight.

  • 多満自慢 大吟醸 Tamajiman Daiginjo

    多満自慢 大吟醸
    Tamajiman Daiginjo

    ALC: 15~16% SMV: +3
    The Tamajiman Daiginjo line differs from the Junmai line due to the adding of neutral alcohol, thus giving it a rich taste and a strong ginjo-aroma.
    We mill 65% of the rice's weight.

  • たまの慶 純米大吟醸 Tama no Yorokobi Junmai Daiginjo

    たまの慶 純米大吟醸
    Tama no Yorokobi Junmai Daiginjo

    ALC: 15~16% SMV: +3
    We mill 50% of the rice's weight. Although we normally pasteurize our sake twice, for this line we conduct pasteurization only once.
    We do this in order to retain its strong fruity aroma.


Junmai is made only from rice and koji, a mold like enzyme

  • 純米無濾過  Junmai Muroka

    Junmai Muroka

    ALC: 14~15% SMV: ±0
    We mill 30% of the rice's weight. For our Junmai line, our most natural line, we do not use carbon filtration in order to maintain its natural aroma.
    This line has been given the highest award at the Warm Sake Competition.

  • 熊川一番地  Junmai Kumagawa Ichibanchi

    Junmai Kumagawa Ichibanchi

    ALC: 15~16% SMV: +1
    We mill 40% of the rice’s weight. Defined by its full bodied character, you will find that this line has a subtle sweetness and is the ideal choice for those new to sake.

  • うめ酒  Umeshu (Plum sake liqueur)

    Umeshu (Plum sake liqueur)

    ALC: 11~12%
    Using 100% Japan grown plum, our sake brweres produce this plum sake.
    This line is strongly defined by its citrus flavor. It is the perfect choice for mixing with soda, hot water, and many other drinks.

  • 東京の森 The Tokyo Forest(liqueur)

    The Tokyo Forest(liqueur)

    ALC: 15~16% SMV: +3
    We add locally cut mountain cedar chips to our sake, made from Tokyo sourced underground water, our Tokyo Forest line adheres to our company's desire for a green earth.
    We utilize not only natural ingredients, but also recyclable materials for our bottles.

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Tokyo craft beerTAMA


From 1887 to 1888, the Ishikawa company briefly experimented in brewing beer. In 1998, we revived the beer brewery for the first time in 111 years. The revived name is "Tama no Megumi". To brew draft beer, the most important factor is the quality of water. We pump up mineral water from underground on our site. When we brew our beer and our sake, we use this mineral water and for all of our product lines.

  • Pale ale

    Pale ale

    ALC: 5.5%
    Our pale ale beer. It is defined by a fruity aroma.

  • Pilsner


    ALC: 5%
    This "bottom-fermenting" type beer is characterized by a firm malt aroma.

  • Munchener dark

    Munchener dark
    (Dunkel type)

    ALC: 5%
    This dark beer has a rich malty aroma derived from the roasting of malts.

  • Antique label for JAPAN BEER

    Antique label for JAPAN BEER

    ALC: 5.5%
    A reboot of our first line of beer from 1880. Originally a pilsner, but now remade as ale beer.

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An authentic craft beer:
Born in Tokyo,
brewed in Tokyo, and named Tokyo.

Inspired by the mature sounds of blues music, our ‘Tokyo Blues’ line of beer was crafted to present the same complexity of tastes that will excite your senses. Made to be a soothing, yet traditionally crafted beer, Tokyo Blues was released in 2015 with the busy Tokyolites in mind.

  • Session Ale

    Session Ale

    ALC: 4.5%
    The subtle balance of orange notes and the bitterness from the malts gives rise to a perfect harmony.

  • Golden Ale

    Golden Ale

    ALC: 5.5%
    The aroma of freshly cut fruits will leave your senses satisfied and wanting more.

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* Domestic Shipment Only