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FUSSA NO BIRUGOYA(Italian Restaurant)


Enjoy our local beer and seasonal food at Fussa no Birugoya.

Fussa no Birugoya is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy our local beer, Tama no Megumi, fresh from the Mukougura beer factory as well as delicious seasonal selections from our menu. We look forward to preparing a menu of enjoyable foods for you such as handmade pizza and pasta that accompanies our beer. If you are seated at a table outside in front of the restaurant, a shower of blossoms from the Taro zakura tree adds savor to your meal in the spring, and the singing of insects creates a relaxing atmosphere for your dinnertime in the autumn. In the summer evening you can enjoy beer and a cool breeze in the beer garden.

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    We serve fresh beer from our brewery directly.

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    In the summer time, you can enjoy our meals in our natural garden.

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    We serve hand-made pasta and pizza, and even seasonal specials.

Restaurant Menu


Operating hours 11:30am to 9:30pm (Last call for food and alchool is at 8:30pm)
Regular holiday Tuesday
Phone number Telephone:+08-042-553-0171

For over 10 people, you are required to order our party course menu including all you can drink.
it costs ¥5000 for each person. (we are afraid but it is not possible to provide you "a la carte menu".)
Please click “ Course menu “and choose your preference from menu A,B or C.

  • +81-42-553-0171

    [Operating hours]
    11:30am to 9:30pm (Last call for food and alchool is at 8:30pm)
    Tue. are closed.

  • For inquiries, please contact us at this email address. For reservations, please call us directly.



Enjoy our traditional drinks such as sake, beer and fermented food like Karaage.

Go to the counter to order your food. Push the bell to call a staff to help you with your order. Choose your favorite food items and simply pay at the counter. After finishing your meal, put back your tray to the return counter.
We would be happy to hear " Gochisosama " from you. It means you showed gratitude for the food. While enjoying your favorite drinks and healthy meals, you also enjoy the cultural ambiance around you.

  • For onigiri, we used the same rice as we produce sake.

  • Together with your favorite food, you can also enjoy our sake with a minimum quantity of 90 ml and our original craft beer is always ready for you.

  • Our best-selling "Karaage " is marinated with salted rice malt (koji) that makes it so tender and delicious to eat.


Operating hours Mon, Wed-Sun 11:00am to 5:30 pm (Last call for food and alchool is at 5:15pm)
Regular holiday Tuesday
Phone number Telephone:+08-042-530-5057※Walk-in only

All menu itmes are also available for take out.


Directly purchase our sake and beer from our brewery.

We carry premium Tamajiman sake and beer in our Sake Cellar. You can even taste new sake that has just been made and arrived from the factory.
We recommend that you purchase some of our products as souvenirs and gifts.

In our liquor shop, we prepare all of our products, such as seasonal limited sake and beer.

In our liquor shop, we prepare all of our products, such as seasonal limited sake and beer.

Commodity Introduction

We prepare our Tamajiman brand related original goods, such as mobile phone charms and sake flavored sweets.

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Operating hours 10:00am to 6:00pm
Phone number Telephone/Fax: +81-042-530-5792

For the online shop, please click here.

* Domestic Shipment Only